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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Last Day at ABC

So it's my last shift at ABC and I really loved working here. I will miss the people most of all: my sociopathic boss Patrick, my friend Anwulika...(Anwulika/Anasuya: how could we NOT be friends?) among many others.

There is a rumor of a bottle of something chilling in the fridge, but I feel giddy enough. Why is it that the last day of anything engenders that sort of feeling?

Any tips for how to drink champagne at 7 am?

Update: It was very nice Moet Chandon Rose--so girly, thanks Patrick! And now I am buzzed at work...

Moving: It's Right Up There With Death on the Stress Index

I haven't even packed a box yet and am already feeling the effects of packing up my life. I work overnight and find it impossible to come home and drift off to sleep--no matter how tired I am.

I am most concerned with my apartment--I need out of my lease and I need someone else to handle what happens to it after I leave.

Then I get to deal with some of the other things on my to do list.