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Monday, April 24, 2006


I got a really thoughtful gift yesterday-- a frame for a picture of Nina that I had lying around. It was getting a little, erm, dog-eared--sorry, had to be done!! I managed not to break the glass immediately (don't laugh, I've done that), but didn't quite get the picture in correctly. I'm not that good at spatial relations, really.

The gift and the giver reminded me of the Liz Phair album whitechocolatespaceegg in its entirety.

New job is incredibly hectic and I seem to misplace crucial papers constantly, my editing system has an audio glitch, I need a new assistant (and office) and apparently I don't look straight into the videophone. But it's what I wanted and I am up to the challenge. And it is exciting and exhilarating, just a little bit scary, too.

Thailand has no real government and is holding elections for the third time in a month. It's pretty weird. Who knows what will happen?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Suya in Singapore

So I am Singapore, cause I got the job that I have been wanting, well, for a while. I am the Indochina correspondent for Channel News Asia. I'll be based in Bangkok reporting mostly about Thailand. Can you even stand it? I apologize if you are hearing about this via blog--it's just that the past few weeks have been rather busy. I am so excited and a touch nervous about doing a good job. But damn does it feel good!

This week has been: a medical exam, a photo shoot, visa stuff, a bank account, and voice, on camera, live cross, newswriting and editing training. Don't worry, I still managed to shop my brains out. it is S'pore after all. I can't go into it since mother may read this blog, but suffice it to say, all of it is dreadfully chic. Oh yes, one of the items was Adidas.

Singapore Observations

* McDonalds and Burger King serve breakfast here--they don't in Thailand. So I have had a McMuffin and a (close your ears if you are French) a a Croissan'wich. Also am enjoying the beans on toast at the buffest. Ew, am I English??

* Any place that is made up of half Chinese and half Indian SHOULD in my opinion have very strict laws. Can you imagine the alternative?

* Coffee transport: I have written about the plastic bag as a carrier for liquids hot and cold in Prathet Thai, but here they give you a cup and put a plastic SLING around it so you can swing your coffee around as you sashay down the....

* Singapore is walkable not like the enormous pothole that is Bangkok. I missed walking, fast, without tripping over a lip of concrete and falling over a red cheeked rotund man and his tawny sleek haired companion.

* All in all, I've enjoyed the break from the 'Kok. I am also in love with my new G4. Sigh. I like him because I decide when to turn him off. I like the new Sopranos and Grey's Anatomy too. We miss good tv over here

Sunday, April 02, 2006

More Dreams Coming True

After a very good visit to Singapore, my career seems to be taking off. I don't have anything official yet so I won't go into specifics. Just that, wow, what I wanted all along, the whole reason and point for the upheaval and the move and the stress and strain and strife coupled with the HUSSLE is about to pay off. Stay tuned, people.