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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ishan meets Isaan -Brother in Thailand

The northeastern Thai province Isaan's name comes from a variant of the name of the Hindu god Shiva - Isana.

The "Isana" in my life is my cousin Ishan. "Ishan" also means northeast --north representing wealth and happiness and east means peace and knowledge. And so we come full circle again to Thailand.

My Ishan is in between my brother Arguapo and me in age and the three of us grew up together quite happily with normal sort of fraternal activities. Christmases, summer holidays, Thanksgivings and all that.

I am really excited that he is coming--he's planning to buy a motorcycle and ride around looking at things called Cloud Forests which sounds like that weird place in Empire Strikes Back when Lando sells out Luke, Leia and Han.

There are many moments that I treasure when I think of Ishan, but I would like to formally and publicly apologize for a certain incident involving a certain bunny put into my care. Snoop the bunny escape and though we tried to fool Ishan with a decoy Snoop, he caught us out when Snoop v2.0 grew huge whereas the da original #1 Snizzle was a DWARF rabbit. Sorry, bud.

Ishan now has a lovely pit bull called Delilah who he tells "to shake it down" when he wants her to sit. Delightful.

I can't wait to get I's take on life here. Looking forward to tomorrow! Sawat dee, mon frere!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bangkok Fashion Week

As my uber fashionable friend SCV said "Who knew?"

And that's precisely why Bangkok keeps having Fashion Week. it's funny to think I can go to all the shows which are in a custom built dome in the middle of a manmade lake ---everything in Asia involves pouring concrete, doesn't it?--when in NYC it would be a complete and utter impossibility to even THINK of attending such an event. At this timme of year, i would have given up anyway--resigned to rubber boots and a down jacket and maybe a Brooklyn Cyclones baseball cap if it were mild. But now it's summer here every day and while that makes for stickiness and absolute inundation and dripping, it certainly opens up the wardrobe options.

I also have had the opp to keep indulging my inner Carrie Bradshaw and have been reporting on it for the paper. Will post articles soon.

For those of you who have missed certain parts of my anatomy (ahem), here are those gams. I was hanging with the snappers and a mischeivous one took this on the sly.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Life's Ambition Fulfilled

While it's true that I did get on air a few times last week for CNA--the real exciting career news is that tomorrow in the paper on page 7 there will be a column I wrote. On shopping. Suzy who ususally writes "Shopping with Suzy" is away and I of course volunteered--really unsure that there could be any better thing for me to write. In fact, if I could have a full time job as a shopping columnist, I would. Okay, are you ready for my Carrie Bradshaw moment?

It's called "Shopping with Suya" and it has a little cartoon graphic of me that really does look like me completely with patented Suya crazy hair and shopping bags hanging off each arm. Can you believe the utter coolness? I know I am way too excited about it. But come on, throw the girl a bone.

Oh and my friend Gracie is going to do a screen shot for me.

Oh and the article, you ask--it's about where to find hip, good quality T-shirts in Bangkok.