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Monday, August 14, 2006

Melted Sandal!

As you know, N and I have a motorcycle. It is a gleamingly beautiful Kawasaki GTO which we affectionately call the Speedster. We have no license plate for it, though recently N has been insisting on me wearing a helmet, although he wasn't, until I invoked the oldest relationship clause in the book. See "Goose, Gander, good for."

We enjoy it very much and we get mad props and bewildered looks from the Thai as this crazy farang couple on a bike. It lives in the front courtyard of N 's place and he is in charge of its care and feeding. So far we are convinced that it will be eligible for Mensa and definitely get into one of the Ivies.

We usually take it from my office to my house and back again and last Sunday we went on a little adventure to Yaowarat or Chinatown, but recently we had a little incident whereupon I had been resting my flip flop on the exhaust pipe of the Speedster rather than the footrest which resulted in MELTED SANDAL!

I thought my foot was getting rather hot!

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